"Jayshree" "Writer" "Gujju"She is grandmother, mother, wife & clinical pathologist these are the experiences that have defined her but she was born a writer and a story-teller. She derives her greatest strength, an unbreakable spirit from people she meets and loves. She usually loves everyone and that is evidenced from her faith in the goodness of people, she believes that we all are nothing but stories of love and hurt and those two singular emotions guide us in our lives, she has had the serendipity to have experienced both and from the shallow, still waters, she feels she is like a young lotus in the peak of her blossom. This photograph from her younger days was at the precipice of all the great adventures that awaited her in her life and today she no longer looks this youthful but in her heart she still feels like this young girl in this photograph: at the precipice of all great adventures. She doesn’t wear her life on her sleeve, she carries around her infectious personality and her stories.

by Jesal Merchant-Deokar, daughter.


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